Have you taken the Covid-19 vaccine yet? By taking or not taking it, are you making the right decision? Is it going to prevent you from getting infected by the coronavirus? How many vaccines will you have to take until you do not have to take anymore? Is it safe for you to be vaccinated? Do you need it to survive?


In 2019 the world was taken by surprise. No one was expecting a dreadful pandemic would hit us when it did. Soon we all started to realize what mattered more in our lives and what didn’t. Some could not see their loved ones for days, while others lost their jobs and education opportunities. I think it’s fair to say that humanity was tested in ways that it was not ready for! To this day, the coronavirus is still a threat to us all. As scientists have been working sleepless nights to combat the diseases it causes, it has been returning the favor by evolving and spreading rapidly. We can only pray and hope that in the end, we will win. In the meantime, most experts have advised that to stay safe, we all need to vaccinate. So should we?


Before I continue, I should share that I am not a health expert. I am not a doctor, nor do I have any professional qualification or expertise in vaccines development, supply, or any other field related to vaccines. However, I feel entitled to share my personal opinion on the matter.


Before we dive into our main dish today, let us get some valuable definitions and explanations on some of the things that we will talk about.

According to W.H.O (World Health Organization), coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Its symptoms include fever, cough, tiredness, appetite loss, chest pain, immobility and, breathing difficulty among many others. The ways for prevention include getting vaccinated, keeping a one-meter distance from others, wearing a properly fitted mask, washing or sanitizing regularly, and isolating.

Knowing that the World Health Organization has said one way for covid-19 prevention is through vaccination, should one get vaccinated? Has it been proven to prevent people from getting Covid-19?

Main Dish

Here are some facts that guided me while making a decision to either take or not take the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Covid-19 Vaccines are different; In various places of the world, some people talk about Covid-19 Vaccines as if they were one. The sad truth is that there are different vaccines out there developed by different companies and organizations. So when you hear some good or bad news about a vaccine from someone or a trusted source, make sure to get the exact name and version of the vaccine. Do not use information about that specific vaccine to either validate or invalidate other vaccines out there.

Do your research; Don’t rush to vaccinate or reject vaccination. Just like in other things important decisions, it is very important to do your research on the specific vaccination that you are about to take. Learn about vaccines, their importance and risks, and whether they will have a positive or negative impact on you. Don’t make the mistake of taking or refusing to take vaccines just because someone tells you to!

Your government is not out to harm you; Contrary to what you might believe, governments are very cautious when it comes to public image. Although not all governments are indeed keen on their people’s safety, no government would be ready to jeopardize the lives of thousands by telling them to take a vaccine they know for a fact isn’t safe. At least not in this age and time. That won’t work in their favor at all. This should be the least of your concerns! Unless you are under a dictatorship rule.

Vaccinated people can get infected; Getting vaccinated does not mean that you will not get Covid-19, it just means that your body will handle it better when or if you get infected. Yes, it is sad information for most (especially those who have been vaccinated), but cannot be further from the truth.

Don’t Copy Faith; Yes, your religious leader believes that covid will never knock on his door! Do you also believe the same? A lot of people make decisions upon on whether to be vaccinated or not based on other people’s faith. I think that that this is not a safe way to approach things. If you don’t believe in something, do not pretend that you do to make someone else happy. It could cost you big time!

If you are required, then vaccinate; No one is above the law. If your country requires everyone to vote, or you specifically because you fall under a certain group, then it would be wise to do so. Unless of course, you are willing to face the circumstances.

Stand in your faith; If you are not vaccinating because you believe in your heart, that it is the right decision not to do so, then hold on to your faith. Do not act just to follow others until your faith is changed or you are given valid reasons to change your mind.

Bear your own cross; Let people around you, in your family, or other people make their own decisions. Do not force people to take or not take the vaccine because of what you personally think or believe. It is not healthy to force your decisions upon others.

Share facts not gossip; If you want to share information about specific vaccines, then make sure you have valid facts and references on what you are talking about. Whether you believe that the vaccine is good or bad, bring your sources to the table and let the receiver of such information be the judge. It is also important to make sure that your references are from trusted sources. Trusted sources for Covid-19 information would include Health Experts, Health organizations, Governments, and World Health Organization.

Vaccines are not for everyone; There is a good reason why you need to share with the doctors if you have any allergies before getting vaccinated. Vaccines don’t respond equally to everyone. Also although many people are against traditional methods of treating Covid-19 symptoms, some have tried and they have worked well for them! Perhaps all you need is a hot steam, who knows!

Pallete Cleanser

There have been some people “Mostly Christian Believers” who have been saying that Covid-19 Vaccine is the mark of the beast mentioned in the Holy Bible which is considered the mark of the AntiChrist! I am surprised because the Bible specifically says that the mark will be a number known by man which is 666. There won’t be any hidden tricks when it comes to the use of this number, so you can rest assured that that’s not the case now! Fun fact, if you wanted to make anything sound devilish you can do so by clever calculation that will bring you to that number!

As a believer, I strongly believe however that the preparation for the end has begun. It is very important to be cautious of how we live and make sure that we live every day like it is our last. Because this is not an article about faith, I won’t speak about faith any further. You can learn more by reading this article [Growing Your Faith]

On the issue of why the Covid-19 vaccine took a shorter time to be developed than other vaccines, I wouldn’t have a straight answer on this, but I think we ought to ask ourselves why the vaccines took longer to develop in the first place. What I think is, more people were dying than governments could wait for the long reviews, so they just decided to approve the vaccines early. I can’t think of anything else there!

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Perhaps you are still wondering whether to take the vaccine or not! I guess it comes down to trust. Do you trust that the vaccine will prevent you from getting Covid-19? Do you trust that your government is giving you the right vaccine that will be helpful and not harmful? Do you trust that the vaccines will not have a long time effect on you? I can not answer these questions for you. You will have to take time to do your research on the subject and make the right decision for yourself.

If you want to and feel you should vaccinate then do so, if you don’t then refrain from it! In the end, it is your life, and you should have the right to choose whether to vaccinate or not. Sadly not all people get this privilege!


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