War Zone

This poem is inspired by the ongoing wars around the world today. Many lives are lost and people are forced to walk miles before they can feel safe again. May Peace abound where you are and wherever you are reading this from

Aniwene Madolomani

Broken to pieces,
My home falls apart,
From wealthies to riches,
and riches to flat,
you murder my nieces,
turn my nephews into rats,
covered in feces,
surviving on my own fat!

I don’t care for the history,
or the land of the dead,
I don’t care for the mysteries,
or reasons for the red,
I am tired of the misery,
and the hate that you spread,
For me a sign of victory,
is sleeping in my own bed!

There is no pride in your killing,
and no joy in your visits,
be ashamed of your bullying,
and reducing us to digits,
be ready for your billing,
in numbers of your units,
because we have no shilling,
you wipe us out in a minute.

Stop the war, I said, stop it!
and bring me back my joy,
my children have lost it,
guns are their new toys,
have a door but can’t lock it,
what’s left of what you destroy,
that’s it. my will I forfeit,
my anger i deploy.


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