The Opportunity

I remember it like yesterday! “Whoever becomes the first in their annual exams will get a free plane ride,” our parents said. What a way to motivate us. It wasn’t a challenging goal since I was usually within the top 3 in my class for most of my primary years. I don’t remember which year of primary we were, but I know my sister was three years ahead of me. 

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Little did we know, they had a trip already planned for us. My sister’s Godfather lived in Zanzibar then, and they arranged for us to visit him and his family during that year’s Christmas holiday. Although neither of us was able to be the first in our annual exams, we both performed well enough not to feel guilty when our parents told us about the trip. It was both scary and exciting. We had never been on a plane before. 

The Preparation

Although I said earlier, “I remember it like yesterday,” I hardly remember all the details regarding our preparation. All I remember is our parents telling us, “You will feel a kick when the plane takes off; be prepared for it.” Despite being Excited, flight fright crept into us for days before the journey.

Photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

The Journey

When the day arrived, our parents ensured they were with us through all the procedures as far as they could take us. We were amazed by everything we saw at the airport, from tight security to big planes and loud sounds.

Getting on the plane was easy, and our seats were the last at the rear. Because the aircraft was in the minor league, it had only one door at the back. After boarding the plane and taking a seat, our real battle began. “How on Earth do we buckle these seat belts!”. 

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It took us a few minutes trying to buckle up while looking at each other and laughing all the way through. It was such an embarrassingly funny moment for both of us. We kept trying until one foreign woman leaned in and buckled the belts for us. It took her two seconds to strap us in. We looked at each other, thanked her, and sat quietly. Soon, we started looking out the window to measure the mesmerizing size of the cars as we saw them from above! 

On arrival, our clever minds wouldn’t allow us to repeat the same mistake as on take-off; we made sure to peep around to see how to unbuckle ourselves, and LORD, were we glad it worked! Share your first-ever travel or plane experience. What do you remember and laugh about to date? Share in the comment section below.


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