It goes without saying, religion has become one of the biggest barriers to development today. Being a Christian myself I can say that the biggest cause of this divide hindering our human development is largely caused by two major religions on earth today, Christianity and Islam.

Although most Christians refuse that Christianity is not a religion (but a relationship with God), and most Muslims make an effort to prove that Islam is more than a religion (meaning also a Government), both somewhat hold similar characteristics when it comes to their followers.

In this article, I will not focus on who is right or wrong, or why I have chosen to be a Christian and not a Muslim. However, I will focus on what I think Christians can learn from Muslims. Kindly note that as a Christian, the Word of God (in the Holy Bible) instructs me to love everyone.

It is through the eyes of love that I have seen what I am about to share with you. So as you read this article, if you have anything against Muslims or Christians, I would urge you to put your prejudice aside and learn with me.

1. Language Is Unity

What is more important than unity? You probably have a few people in your community who are close, maybe friends, work colleagues, classmates, etc. Would you be close if you did not speak the same language or have a way to communicate that you all understand?

Today Muslims all around the world have the privilege to pray at any mosque. This allows them to stay united in faith, and together in thoughts and actions compared to Christians who speak different languages depending on the location of the church.

I wonder which language Christians would speak if we decide to all have masses and gatherings where that language would be used. (BIBLICA, n.d.) I have a feeling it would be Greek, Hebrew, or Aramaic (The languages used in the first Bible)

2. Fasting is Pi

Everyone who has studied mathematics before must have come across Pi at least once in their life. If you are not acquainted with Pi don’t worry. (Wikipedia, n.d.) All you need to know is that Pi is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159. It hasn’t changed and will never change because it is a constant.

Unlike Christians who in my experience most times make fasting an option, Muslims make it compulsory for them and their families. Muslims take fasting very seriously just as they do other things like daily prayers.

It is true that as Christians, it is not essential for people to know when we fast (Matthew 6:16–18). But it is also essential for us to see that it is a requirement for us, and we need to fast in order to achieve some things (Acts 13:3, Joel 2:12, Acts 14:23).

3. Taught Early and Taught Hard

You might disagree with me but I think that most Christians today confuse love and pampering. Sunday schools today have become optional in most churches. Christian parents have become more sensitive and unnecessarily overprotective over the years. Children from Christian homes especially those with minister parents lose their way before adulthood.

For Muslims, madrasa (Sunday school for Muslims in this context), is a place where teachers are strict as they would in a normal school. Therefore children are taught well and nonsense is not allowed. They are taught to respect their holy book and to stand in their faith. The same should be done for Christian children. Their spiritual health just is as important as their body health.

4. Decent Dress Codes

Sometime back, not a long time. I had no idea what dress codes actually meant to Muslims. Apart from them looking decent and nice, they also help them to feel closer to God and avoid being a temptation to others (at least from what I have heard). Either way, those in their faith, try to wear as decent as they can.

Although most Christians excel in this, we lack some outfits that would introduce us as Christians to our fellow brothers and sisters in the faith. How would you feel, if anywhere you go, you can know at least two or more people who have the same faith as you just by a certain outfit? I don’t know about you but I think it would be interesting.

5. Caring For Their Own

Say what you say about Muslims, but they know how to take care of their own. If you are a Muslim, no matter where you are in the world, there is certain hospitality you will get from the people who share the same faith with you. Fortunately for them, this has been a good motivation for most people (especially those who experienced discrimination before) to join Islam.

Christians in this aspect are not far behind. You can meet ten selfish and unkind Christians but if you met only one loving Christian you would see the difference. However, most Christians today, have become less compassionate about our fellow believers who are in need. Sadly, even orphans, widows, and the elderly.

6. Halal Restaurants

Although I am not so informed about how Halal restaurants work, what I know is that they are restaurants that cook food that is halal to Muslims. This means that all food is prepared in a way that helps Muslims avoid being defiled. So if a Muslim went to another country although they do not know which are the best restaurants they could start by searching for a Halal Restaurant.

How many hotels or restaurants do you know that are catered to Christians? In most cases, if you went into a hotel or restaurant and found out that there isn’t a bar or alcohol being sold, you just assume it could be a restaurant owned by a Christian (at least in the area I live in). I think more open branding and standard for Christian restaurants should be introduced.

7. Halal Investments

It wasn’t until 2021 that I discovered that there are systems in place that help Muslims invest while complying with Islamic Law or Shariah. How cool is that?

Christians need to form organizations and communities to implement such things too. It would be good to know that as a Christian I can invest in a bond fund or a company that would never engage in promoting sin or unproductive things.

8. Martyr Mindset

Of course, this is a sensitive topic. No one likes to die especially not before their time. Although I doubt that there is a religion that has had as many martyrs as Christianity. I also doubt that there is any religion out there that comes close to the readiness of its believers to be martyred as Islam.

Needless to say, there shouldn’t be a reason for Martyres to exist. I still think that more Christians should be taught about this possibility and be prepared to face such a situation in their life, especially in the days to come.

9. Educating Children

If you are old enough to read this article, there is a chance you have come across this phrase before “Education is the key to life”. Although Christians are the majority in terms of numbers and population in most places around the world, most of them drop out before finishing their degree. It could be that it’s a chain reaction (uneducated parents), or maybe because Christians are the majority in most communities and therefore noticed more.

However, I think it would do us good as Christians if we were more serious about education. If you remember in the Holy Bible, we get to see that one of Paul’s strengths during his ministry was his level of education. Being educated helps you not only be aware of the surroundings and how things work but also to minister well to those around you.

10. Hard Work

As sad as it makes me say this, unlike most Muslims I have met, Christians tend to be a bit too lazy. It could be because they have false beliefs that God will give them success without working hard. The Holy Bible clearly instructs us to work hard (Colossians 3:23, Proverbs 13:4, Proverbs 14:23)

Muslims tend to work harder than Christians in most offices and places I have been to. I have yet to know what inspires them to do so, but I can insist that Christians need to do the same, and maybe even more.

11. Bow In Worship

Muslims get on their knee and bow almost every time they worship. Of course, I am not certain if they do this all the time, as I don’t know how many times and where they do their worshipping (perhaps like Christians, they walk or sit while worshipping). But I am usually greatly moved by their show of humility and commitment.

Most Christian’s defence of their bad habits in worship is mostly credited to (John 4:23–24) which talks about worshipping in Spirit and Truth! Although we don’t need to bow to worship, or openly show that we are worshipping, and although we sing and shout to our God in praise and worship. If we neglect to bow and show humility for petty reasons like “in fear to dirty your clothes”, then we need to change!


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All in all, I have noticed that if you look close enough at other religions through the eyes of love. You will notice a few things that you can learn from them and improve your personal relationship with God. I know that at this moment I wouldn’t trade Christianity for any other religion, not because of the weaknesses I see in myself and others but because of the Love I see in the God that I worship.

What about you? Do you have some things that you have learned from other religions? Or perhaps you have an article idea that you wish to share with me for one of the next articles! Use the “Text Me” button below to reach out and share any comments you have on this article.

Stay tuned for the following article in faith. Interesting things other religions can learn from Christians


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