In this article, I will share how you can access WordPress premium plugins for only $17 per month. At the end of this article, you will have a basic idea of WordPress and its plugins, you will know the power of premium plugins and why they are essential, and you will learn how to access a multitude of premium plugins for a price of only $17 per month legally.

WordPress & Plugins

To avoid confusion, WordPress is just a website builder. It lets travelers worldwide spend less money on website development by enabling them to create a website without using any code. To give you context, to create a blank website page, you need to open a text editor, create a blank.html file, and code the text below.

<html doctype="html">
<head><title>Blank Page</title></head>

With WordPress, however, you only have to click one button/link that says “Add New” page. It saves you money and time since it is easy to learn and use for website development.

Screenshot: Adding A Page in WordPress

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For even better performance, WordPress allows developers to create and sell plugins to WordPress developers. These plugins are like apps/software, providing extended functionalities to your website. Some are free, but the better ones are always sold at a high subscription price.

Premium WordPress Plugins

Premium plugins are essential to your WordPress website’s success. Whether you are just a blogger for fun or wish to be a full-time content creator and sell courses on your website, using only free plugins will miss out on many features and income. Below is an example of the cost of premium plugins you may want to use.

Updraft Backup

WordFence Protection

Tutor LMS

Just these three give a total expense of $37.75 per month, which, mind you, you would have to pay annually. What if you could access these and even more at only $17 per month without stealing from them or using cracked software from untrusted sources on Google? Let me tell you a secret: most Premium Plugins sellers would die to keep you from knowing. Most of them use a GPL License to create and sell their plugins.

What is a GPL License?

The General Public License (GPL) is a widely used software license that guarantees end-users the freedom to run, modify, distribute, and share the software. This means anyone can use, modify, and distribute GPL-licensed software, including WordPress plugins, without having to pay the developer or obtain permission. Developers can still profit from them by selling premium support, updates, and other services.

This means when someone else purchases the plugin, they can sell it to you at a small fee. There are companies out there who do this as a business. They purchase many plugins and make them available for repurchase at a small price. Because they have many people buying from them, they can refund themselves and get a small profit.

The only concern with this process is that some acquire these premium plugins illegally, and some put in some code to hack your website before they sell them to you.

GPL Times, The Best GPL Store

Well, the best solution for you would be to get a supplier who obtains these plugins legally, makes sure they are virus and hack-free, and supplies them to you at a reasonable price. That supplier would be GPL TIMES. This store gives you access to over 10,000 premium plugins and themes that you can choose from to extend your website.

Screenshot: Why Choose GPL Times

I have been using their services for a while, and they are the best out there. Their plugins are legit, and their auto-updater always ensures they are up-to-date. They also have great support, with a response rate of 30 minutes to an hour after your inquiry. They also have multiple payment packages allowing exclusive lifetime access for $399 and yearly access for $129. If you would like to check them out, please CLICK HERE

Note: I reached out to the company to ensure they get the plugins legally, and this is what they had to say. (Screenshot from real conversation.) So you don’t have to worry about them.

Screenshot: GPL Times Proof of Trust


It’s now time to make money as a travel blogger. Read the article Why You Need To Learn WordPress Development, enroll in the course WordPress Website Development, and visit GPL Times Store for premium access to more than ten thousand plugins. Failure is not an option; you are a winner, go and win, traveler!


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