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Mathias Cabins Teaser Video

Destination Overview:

Mathias Cabins is a fantastic log cabin retreat perfect for individuals and families looking for a beautiful vacation experience. It’s located in the Tanga region of Tanzania, specifically in the charming town of Muheza. The cabins are conveniently situated near Magoroto, and to reach them, you’ll need to turn off the main road and drive uphill for about twenty to thirty minutes.


The cabins are well-built, and the designs give you an excellent African experience. Women in the community fetched water for us and brought it to our bathrooms (through the back door in the bathroom). It showed that Mathias Cabins is keen on involving the community and finding ways to bring them income. 

The Mattress was big enough to accommodate two adults, and the lighting was sufficient. I didn’t find a work desk in my specific cabin, so you may find it hard to work while there. The toilets were not world-class since I had to squat for a long call, but I am used to this in most of our African bathrooms, so it was fine. 

Our stay was generally superb, except for the presence of mosquitos. I was impressed by their efforts to make our sleep comfortable by spraying insecticides when we left for our daily activities. It saved us from being the viscous mosquito’s dinner. 

Culinary Experiences:

You probably won’t believe this, but my food experience was one of the best I have ever had. The chef was a very skilled cook. We stayed for only about two nights, but all the time we ate at the cabin, the food was so delicious all I could think of was, “I wish I could have more!”

The breakfast, compared to other dining times experiences, could have been better. The breakfast was alright, but it didn’t compare to the lunch and dinner meals in terms of class and taste. It felt a bit blunt, with bread and butter. The sausage and eggs helped, though.

Activities and Experiences:

Our time at Mathias Cabins was eventful. We had a great time together because we went there for a getaway. 

  • Hiking To The Waterfall – Although they allowed us to walk from our location to the waterfall, we decided to drive halfway there to where the car could go no further. We had been on a journey the previous day and were too tired to walk that long. That hike was my first hike for fun, and it was a great experience. The tight, slippery pathways were scary and concerning, but the adrenaline and excitement to finish the walk were our push. 
  • Log Riding & Swimming – If you knew me, you would know that I love swimming. My origin (tribe) is Ngoni, whose residence is in the south near Lake Nyasa. One of the first things our dad taught my sister and me as kids was how to swim and survive in water. This water and log riding experience made our trip to Mathias Cabin worth it. I swam for so long that they had to urge me to get out of the water so I could rest for the next day’s journey. 
  • Fishing & High Diving – I found some people fishing in one of the resting places on a cliff. Beside them was a wooden extension for those who like high diving. I had never tried it before, so I decided to take a leap of faith (that I wouldn’t die) and jumped in. If I ever head back there, I will do it again. I loved it. 

Natural and Cultural Highlights:

Do you love a waterfall and drinking water from bamboo cups? Well, these are just some fantastic kinds of stuff you will find at Mathias Cabins and during your activities. 

I wasn’t able to experience many cultural highlights. However, nature is fantastic. The view from the cabins was awe-inspiring and calming. There is green everywhere.

Insider Tips and Recommendations:

Make sure to go to this location when it is not raining or in the rainy season. The road to Mathias Cabins is pure clay soil. If you have a small car or one that needs more juice (4WD) to drive you through, you might have a wrong first impression of the place and fail to enjoy the rest of your days there.

Prado TX Limited (4WD) on a muddy hill
Our Travel (4WD) car struggling to climb a muddy hill

Also, make sure to call in beforehand and make an order a few days before you go there since there are always people going to the destination.


Mathias Cabins is a place to look at if you are looking for a getaway for yourself or your family. Whether you want a place to chill in or go for hikes and experience the beauty of Tanga, it is an excellent location for you. 

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